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As you all have heard we have had some major issues with flooding here in Colorado. My business is located about 2000 feet from the Big Thompson River. My shop neighbors to the south (closer to the river) have severe water damage and thick mud throughout their units. There are mounds of office furniture, carpet, and drywall on the sides of the roads to be picked up and hauled away because of the contamination from the water. We had a small amount of muddy water at the base of the doors and garage doors but that was it. The biggest cleanup for us was moving all of the mud (1/4 to 2 inches thick) from our parking lot around our building. We hired a bobcat, had lots of shovels, and an 800-gallon water truck filled 8 times to get rid of and wash away most of the mud. We feel very fortunate that it wasn't worse at our building. There was extensive damage to a lot of Loveland along the Big Thompson River. Rain had fallen since last Monday and rarely stopped. The river split Loveland into north and south. There weren’t any roads open to go to either side of Loveland for quite a while. Many roads are damaged or washed out. It may take up to a year or more to fix roads going west to the mountains. Even I-25 and Highway 287 were flooded for a time. Highway 287 south of the bridge over the Big Thompson River is still blocked off with standing water over it.
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