Bridge Records Anywhere?

This discussion area is for basic structure building concepts. Not intended for advanced concepts.
*Good Example: Balsa can bend with the addition of boiling water.
*Good Example: Triangle is the strongest shape for most applications of bracing.
*Bad Example: Balsa can hold X pounds under these conditions.
*Bad Example: Use this shape for this application.
Basically I want you to think a design through with the basics instead of someone else thinking through your design for you.
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Bridge Records Anywhere?

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Hey, Just wondering if anyone had any links or info on balsa bridge records? It seems like the tower competitions are better documented to me.

I want to thank Jake for all of his help and hard work that contributed to the UNC-Charlotte victory in a balsa bridge competition this weekend! The competition was for the ASCE Carolina's Conference hosted by NC State this year. The rules were for a 40" span that had a clear road surface of at least 4" wide at all points. Maximum of 6" wide at any point and Max length of 48". The middle 5" of span had to be left open for the loading block that was a 3"x4" block on a pinned actuator, centered on the road surface. Scoring was simply load carried divided by the weight of the bridge with a minimum qualifying load of 75 lb. Our test model held 1,057 lb of load and weighed 1.28 lb total. Our competition bridge had a slight construction imperfection and failed earlier but we still won the event.
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