Digital Calipers?

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Which is better Dial or Digital Calipers

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Digital Calipers?

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I would like to sell some digital calipers and wanted to know if anyone is interested.

6" & 12" with:
Automatic shut off
Large LCD Display (for sight impaired)
Extra battery
+ or - .0005 inches (You can usually only see .01 inch variation with eyes alone)

Harbor Freight carries these on sale for:
$49.99 for 6 inch
$64.99 for 12 inch

This model is the best of calipers that I know of.

Harbor Freight carries a caliper that I tried out. They mislabeled it as .001 + or - but it only reads to + or - .01. It is yellow. It is as useless as a flat tire. Cost on sale is $7.99 but has no practical use.

I want to sell the 6 and 12 inch digital calipers described at the beginning of the paragraph with the extra large screen for:
6" -- $15.98
12" -- $24.98

I will only charge $7.50 shipping and handling since the box is small.

For the 6 inch models it is a good idea to caliper the sticks you use. Sometimes the competition has a size limit. Otherwise a uniform size stick is more efficient.

For the 12 inch calipers, use them on towers for measuring the height. Straight up and down towers measure each leg separately. Slanted towers take two flat boards and drill a hole in the middle of them that is close to the opening of the tower. Measure the corners of each leg around the circle while keeping the caliper vertical. You can tell if it is vertical because the jaws of the caliper will be touching flat against the boards. This will make a world of difference for your tower.

Digital is better because you don't make as many mistakes reading the readout. It displays both the inch 1 and the decimal .001 so you read 1.001 insead of a dial where you read the handle of the caliper and then the dial.

Please let me know if my prices are not competitive so I don't waste my time getting the calipers.

Good luck!
Jake Zimmer
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