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Include any density or special requests as well as what size and how many ply’s you need in the Order Notes message box at the bottom of the webpage:

Balsa plywood prices vary depending on the Length, Width, and Thickness. Larger sheets take longer to make and are harder and more expensive to ship. Single ply sheets are available in 1/64 inch as the thinnest. Maximum width is 48 inches and maximum length depends on any shipping restrictions.  Items over 8 foot need to be sent by freight.  Below are the prices of each single ply layer that is available.

To calculate the price for example if you want a 4-ply balsa panel with a finished thickness of 1-inch and a size of 4 foot x 4 foot area = 16 square feet for each of the four 1-ply 1/4 inch thick layers at $5.63 per square foot would cost $360.32 + shipping and handling to make this size of custom balsa plywood panel.

You may mix and match different layer thicknesses or densities of balsa to meet your needs. Please specify the grain direction(s) in, length, width, and total thickness as well as how many  ply's and each ply thickness. Grain direction is dictated by the blocks we have in stock. We may have balsa in lengths of 24 to 144 inches depending on what is currently in stock. Sometimes a customer needs a longer grain line than 96 inches (or we are out of 96 inch) so we end up splicing smaller sections to make a oversized length balsa panel that still has good strength properties. Any panels with grains longer than 48 inches will have a 100% surcharge.

  • Extra Light Balsa at (6 or less pounds per cubic foot) is 100% extra.
  • Light Balsa at (6-10 pounds per cubic foot) is 40% extra.
  • Medium Balsa at (10-14 pounds per cubic foot) is 40% extra.
  • Heavy Balsa at (14-19 pounds per cubic foot) is 40% extra.
  • Extra Heavy Balsa at (19+ pounds per cubic foot) is 100% extra.

Discounts may be available for the following items: » view defect pictures

  • B-grade balsa which is discolored is 10% off.
  • Industrial Grade balsa which may contain pinholes, horizontal or vertical cracks, knots, pith from the center of the tree, or bark is 25% off.
Laminated 1-ply custom balsa sheet price
Thickness inches Price per square foot
1/64 $120.00
1/32 $90.00
1/20 $60.00
1/16 $30.00
3/32 $30.00
1/8 $10.00
5/32 $10.00
3/16 $10.00
1/4 $10.00
5/16 $10.82
3/8 $12.12
1/2 $14.17
5/8 $16.78
3/4 $19.39
1 $25.86
2 $51.71
3 $77.57

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