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*Please select the product that best fits your application. Please note in the message box for any special requirements for your order including density, grain orientation, and accuracy. It is also helpful if I know what you will be using our products for to help us select the exact product you need. We also enjoy any pictures of the final product using our products and sometimes add them to the Uses page of our website.

*If you have any problems or any trouble placing an order you may call (970) 461-9663 or email us at jake@specializedbalsa.com so we can help you with your needs. It is however much easier for us if you use the online cart on this site so address and other information and the order can be cut and pasted leaving less room for errors.

*After placing an order on this website and upon us receiving the order the following may occur:

  1. If you have requested items that have an extra charge such as a weight or a grain classification we will email a .pdf Sales Order so you can ok all costs before your order is filled. That Sales Order is different from the Order Confirmation you receive via email right after you place your order.
  2. If you choose to not use a credit card a .pdf sales order will be emailed to you so you can issue a payment manually. Billing instructions for how to make a payment will be included in the email.
  3. If there aren't any extra requests the order will be processed as is. Once the final order is complete we charge actual shipping based on the size and weight of the completed package + handling.

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Bridge, tower, and structure wood Balsa Wood Selection Service 24 inch laser cutting Wood Laser Cutting
End Grain Balsa Core End Grain Balsa Core Balsa Dowels & Wheels Balsa Dowels
Gorilla glue, Alteco ST50, Elmer's Wood Glue, Titebond III. Glues for Balsa Balsa Triangles Balsa Triangles
Balsa Sticks Balsa Sticks Mitre Saw, Cutting Mat, Caliper, & Razor Blades Hobby Tools
Balsa wood sheets Balsa Sheets Scrap wood Balsa or Basswood Scraps
Glue & balsa strength testers. Strength Testing Devices Leading Edge, Trailing Edge, & Aileron Leading, Trailing Edge, & Ailerons
Custom Cut Wood Custom Cut Balsa Custom balsa plywood Balsa Plywood
Balsa Wood Blocks Balsa Blocks Basswood Basswood Quote
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