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Custom basswood items are available in sticks, sheets, dowels, blocks, and triangles upon request.

The basswood blocks we cut from for all of our basswood products are random sizes such as 3.75x5.75x96 inches, 5.75x5.75x96 inches, 4x8, 4x11, etc so ask for the size you need so we can check what is in stock. Rough cut basswood prices are $10 per board foot (144 cubic inches). If you are interested in purchasing basswood (custom item or in stock) please enter in the Order Notes message box below including the sizes, shapes, or other details for the product that you want and we will email you a quote.

Common stick sizes and prices are listed here -- just enter quantities and sizes that you require into the Order Notes message box below:

Basswood sticks 3/32x3/32x24 inch are $0.47 each.
Basswood sticks 1/8x1/8x24 inch are $0.54 each.
Basswood sticks 3/16x3/16x24 inch are $0.72 each.
Basswood sticks 1/4x1/4x24 inch are $0.97 each.

Clear #1 AAA-grade basswood -- $10.00 per board foot in block form.

5% discount for "B-grade" discolored basswood.

Rough-cut Basswood Block

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