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We currently manufacture specialty items, balsa kit parts, and special requests. Feel free to request any size or shape of balsa wood by entering in the dimensions, weight, grain pattern, color, etc. into the Order Notes message box at the bottom of the website or by emailing us at jake@specializedbalsa.com and we will determine if it is possible to make the new shape or size and will provide you with a price. Please make sure the design is not copyrighted or that you have written permission to use it. It really helps if you can also prepare either a picture or a drawing to email to me so I know we are talking about the same thing. We can do custom balsa machining of parts, laser cutting, small or large dowels, cutting sticks or blocks to length, custom triangles, custom trailing edges or ailerons, and custom sizes of blocks or sticks. Some custom shapes of balsa nose cones, balsa bats, building blocks for kids can be done or we can do custom drawing of shapes to be laser cut.

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