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Balsa Wood Dowels & Wheels

Exotic Balsa Wood Dowels and Wheels are Hand Crafted. With much experimentation, invention, and design we were able to manufacture the once impossible round balsa wood dowel. Balsa Wood dowels cannot be cut with normal dowel cutting equipment -- rather they have to be produced by hand. Dowels may be sanded with 150 to 400 grit sand paper in most cases during the finishing stage. Balsa can vary between 3# (foam weight) - 40# (oak weight) for pounds per cubic foot (lbs/cuft) but the most common densities are 8-16 pounds per cubic foot. Balsa dowels are used for fishing, jousting, towers, bridges, structures, rc models, balsa rods, and craft projects.

The only way to make dowels is one at a time -- nothing else works because balsa is such a lightweight material.

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  • Extra Light Balsa at (6 or less pounds per cubic foot) is 100% extra.
  • Light Balsa at (6-10 pounds per cubic foot) is 40% extra.
  • Medium Balsa at (10-14 pounds per cubic foot) is 40% extra.
  • Heavy Balsa at (14-19 pounds per cubic foot) is 40% extra.
  • Extra Heavy Balsa at (19+ pounds per cubic foot) is 100% extra.

Extra Light balsa is sometimes referred to as "Contest Grade" balsa because is used for ultra light airplane contests. It is usually discolored, very hard to find, very brittle, weak, and squishy.

Please note any custom weight classification that is narrower than the above listed weight categories will increase the cost of the required weight classification.

No preference as to a weight of balsa = no additional charge.

Discounts may be available for the following items: ยป view defect pictures

  • B-grade balsa which is discolored is 10% off.
  • Industrial Grade balsa which may contain pinholes, horizontal or vertical cracks, knots, pith from the center of the tree, or bark is 25% off.
Balsa Wood Dowels
18-Inch Lengths Only Price/Qty
3/32 x 18 Inch Dowel $3.27
1/8 x 18 Inch Dowel $3.12
3/16 x 18 Inch Dowel $3.18
36-Inch Lengths Only Price/Qty
1/4 x 36 Inch Dowel $3.06
3/8 x 36 Inch Dowel $4.09
1/2 x 36 Inch Dowel $4.73
3/4 x 36 Inch Dowel $6.00
1 x 36 Inch Dowel $9.02
1-1/4 x 36 Inch Dowel $12.04

Laser Cut Balsa Wheels
Size of Wheel Price/Qty
1 x 3/16 Inch Balsa Wheel $0.36
2 x 3/16 Inch Balsa Wheel $0.81
3 x 3/16 Inch Balsa Wheel $1.11
4 x 3/16 Inch Balsa Wheel $1.70

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