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Balsa Wood Laser Cutting Quote
"Laser cutting allows precise and repetitive cuts at an affordable price."

There are two types of laser modes: Vector Cutting which can cut through an item and Rastering or engraving for pictures or text. If an object is Vector cut just for looks and not to cut through the material, the cost would be $0.04 per inch.

Vector Cutting: Please feel free to request any shape or size of laser cut balsa less than or equal to 5/16" x 12" x 24" and we will provide you with a quote for how much it would cost to cut. Our hourly rate for setup and programming is $60.00 per hour. Please fill in the message box below or email us at jake@specializedbalsa.com and describe the item you are looking for and or email a picture, .dwg, .cdr, or a .dxf file for us to review. In order to limit setup and programming time if you have the capabilities to do so please draw out your pattern and save it as a CorelDRAW® version 11 or older, AutoCAD® 2000 or older, or similar style file with a .dwg, .cdr, or a .dxf file extension. There are some compatibility issues with AutoCAD® and lasers so CorelDraw® is preferred. We use CorelDRAW® version 11 but any lower version will work. Standard balsa sheets are 3 or 4 inches unglued. If you need larger than 4 inches it will be laminated from 2 or more sections of balsa. Please make drawings the same width of the balsa you plan on using. Make sure the drawing is no bigger than 12x24 layout spaces. Only 5/16" x 12" x 24" or less balsa will fit in the laser an be able to be cut. We do have the capabilities to draw your file given adequate drawings, pictures, or instructions to go by for $60.00 per hour. Please make sure the design is not copyrighted or that you have written permission to use it.

Balsa Wood Laser Cutting Quote
Thickness Cost per Inch Cut Material Type Density
1/64 $0.08 Balsa Wood Any
1/32 $0.04 Balsa Wood Any
1/16 $0.04 Balsa Wood Any
3/32 $0.04 Balsa Wood Any
1/8 $0.06 Balsa Wood Any
3/16 $0.06 Balsa Wood Any
1/4 $0.06 Balsa Wood Any
5/16 $0.12 Balsa Wood Any

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Raster Cutting: The laser engraving area measures 12" x 24" x 6" in size but items can be as large as 26-1/4" x 12-3/4" x 6" in size.

We recommend 400 dots per inch (DPI) resolution for pictures to minimize cost and achieve a good engraved look. For Text however, 200 will work well. 1200 DPI has a tendency to scorch balsa causing a burnout. 75 looks a lot like sewing threaded images and letters.

1200 dots/inch Rastering: $0.94 per square inch 600 dots/inch Rastering: $0.74 per square inch 400 dots/inch Rastering: $0.47 per square inch 300 dots/inch Rastering: $0.39 per square inch 200 dots/inch Rastering: $0.28 per square inch 75 dots/inch Rastering: $0.14 per square inch



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